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Support markdown in forum posts

Support markdown in forum posts

As a developer I'm so very used to writing markdown, I don't even think about doing so any more.

All major platforms I use support it:


* github

* bitbucket

* slack

* stack exchange

* ghost

* Jekyll (used for Magento devdocs and other github pages)

* ...and many more


I would like to be able to use it with the Magento forums, too.

Having to use some custom markup feels awkward to me. being able to use Markdown would make me feel much more at home here.

Even if it's only a subset like inline code, code blocks, bold, underline and quotes that would be a real improvement.






##Yes I like this idea

##Me Three 😎
I dug around a little bit and found this thread from a few years ago about a way to implement the prettify.js based system used in the StackExxhange network.

Even though there were some specific constraints to work around it didn't seem too complex...that thread also discusses an option to use the TinyMCE version shipping in 2014 to accomplish part if the request....

This mag essentially be what we are already using (or perhaps
An updated version)?

Community Manager
Status changed to: In Progress

This used to exist here but along the way something happened to it. Markdown should be back on the forums at some point this week.

Magento Master
Thank you, that is great!
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented! Let me know if you notice it missing anywhere but we should be good.

Magento Master

**Thanks** for the update! _I am happy_ that markdown will work or is working.



Testing Fenced Code Block



    Testing Code Block via indention


* Testing

* Bullet

* List with * asterixs


- How

- About

- Bullet

- List with - dashes


How about a link to the [markdown specs](


 Hm, no luck. Above the input box I get the option for Rich Text, for HTML, but no Markdown. Anything I'm missing?

Community Manager

Ah, I may have misunderstood your request @Vinai. For some reason I simply read as code syntax styling. If you use the Insert Code button on the toolbar, you can include code snippets that way (using prettify.js). 


Will that work for what you need or are you specifically seeking markdown?

Magento Master

I was specifically asking about markdown since it's such a well known and convenient syntax (see the examples listed in the original post). Using the buttons feels kind of clunky in comparison. But maybe that's just because I'm so used to markdown nowadays.

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Status changed to: Under Review