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Way to view users

Way to view users

Will we have a way to view who is online, who is a user?


Will we have a list of moderators?


What about bringing a post to the attention of a certain person?
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1) you can access Community Admin, Metrics, User Report. 

There is a way to put a widget with users online and recent activity but i did not want to clutter tha already busy right column. If you think it makes sense, i'm happy to discuss/add it.


2) List of moderators - again you guys have access to all the reports but there is a special moderator forum - it would be easiest to just run "Hello, my name is.." thread.


3) i don't see a way to do it now other than "report innaprioriate content".



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It would also be great to have an opportunity to upload a custom profile picture.

But anayway, I'm happy the forum is live again. Thanks Smiley Wink

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Status changed to: Implemented