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Best Marketplace extension for magento 2

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Best Marketplace extension for magento 2

Hi All


We all know best marketplace extension for Magento 1.x , but now question is that with Magento 2 already here , Which Magento marketplace extension is leading the race  now for Mareketplace for Magento 2


whether is it Webkul , Unirgy , Aheadwork etc or anything other in Group ............

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Basically the best Marketplaces for magento 2 are the same as Magento 1 Marketplaces .  AheadWorks, Magesolution, Apptha are names who have already started providng extensions and support for Magento 2.


From my experience I can suggest extensions developed by MageWorx. I worked with a number of their solutions for the last 2-3 years. They are very actively expanding their M2 extensions lineup. So take a look and share your opinion. It will be interesting to compare our thoughts.


Hi There,

Webkul is known for their marketplace extensions we offers range of extensions regarding the marketplaces.

Magento 2 multi vendor extension -


Marketplace multi vendor addons - 




You can use one of the leading solutions, developed for private stores - it is Private Sale Extension for Magento 2. Flawless solution to manage private sales. 


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I would recommend the Magento Marketplace with it's enormous amount of choice between different extensions. Also, you can look up for some extensions on the Orange35 store, where you can find a lot of quality extensions for Magento 1 and Magento 2. 

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You can find marketplace of Vnecoms.  I think it is a great Marketplace for magento 2 for now.


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So would like to share my story with

I ended up this site for magento 2 extensions from a referral. To my surprise i was amazed by the support they offerd for free on their extensions. I'm currenly using 4 of their mgento 2 extensions and they work great.

 will definitely recommend looking into their extensions at



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I recommend not investing a dollar in this company !!!!
I've bought all my modules, invested over $ 20000, at 9 months, have not been able to present me a valid, professional, working and active product.
Their modules have many bugs, it took 9 months to try to get them running, but nothing !!!
I have bought their server support and maintenance for $ 1,500, have started the plan since the site's first day of construction, in the 9 months they entered the server a dozen times.
I have bought their uvdesk plan, they have started it since the first day of construction of the site, for 9 months I'm paying $ 45 a month, despite the site and idle, thanks to them.
Their support, they respond to you immediately, but in practice they abandon you, to do other jobs on other clients, for nine months I have borne their grips, their lies, etc ...
Their advice on purchases is completely bankrupt, I was advised many years ago, many forms that did not work at all, with my marketplace.
Now 9 months later, I had to change the developer, change server, and re-install all the modules purchased.
I have tried their product "hiring" NOT FAT! !!! was a big mistake, kids without any certification and professionalism, they had fun having to go around for 9 months and lately sabotage my site.
I'm currently starting a lawsuit against this company, it ruined my life and I do not want it to happen to another !!!
Their products, though not professional, poor and full of bugs, cost 3 times more than other websites, compare them and see yourself.
They are also full of bugs and not professionally fit.
Conclusion Webkul score:
Buying Advice = 0
Support = theory 8 = practice 0
developers = 0
Module functionality = 0
modules = -5

Of course I can provide you with any proof of what I say, emails, testimonials from certified magenta experts, videos, chats and bills.

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If you are looking advanced features, flexible and enterprise marketplace solutions then I would recommend the Rocket Bazaar Marketplace