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Extension Magento 2 for content manager ?

Extension Magento 2 for content manager ?

hi all !

I'm a forum newbie. Now, I'm looking for an advanced plugin for my new Magento 2 store that could help me to make different content types using available data fields eg. portfolio, testimonial, gallery, news, lookbook... Is there any good recommendation plugin for this? Any advice would be great!

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Advanced Content Manager Magento 2 extension by Magesolution assists administrator to create a variety of content types, eg. portfolio, testimonial, gallery, news, lookbook... and many other custom forms at light speed but effortlessly at the same time. This content builder is also a breakthrough in Magento 2 extension development owing to its uniqueness and multifunctional maneuver. Have a look Advanced Content Manager
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It's a bit fun to see magesolution that reclaim the AdvancedContentManager extension...

Anyway, because ACM has been liked above, please visit for further details about the features (for Magento 1 & 2).
Actually this module was developed for Magento 1 first, then for Magento 2, by the Blackbird agency.


If you search a specific plugin for doing that, you can find free and paid solution at the official Magento marketplace.

The Magento team has planned to develop new features in order to help the merchant to create more easily configurable pages.
However if you want structure and manage your content as in Wordpress or Drupal, you can get a look at this content manager module, which is the sibblings of ACF.

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We have developed extension and Magento theme for Magento 1.9 and Magento 2.x


I can help you in this also.


You can take help of my 6+ years of experienced magento developer on S_K_Y_P_E :- cisin.adrian

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Maybe the Extension ShoppingWorld what for you?

YouTube Video

Demo Page


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Yes I can help you in this as I already worked on a content manger plugin in Magento 2.

Can you please send me the details?



Occasional Contributor add word press to your magento store  and creat some kick ass content