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Is It Possible To Migrate Magento 1 Extensions To Magento 2.1?

Is It Possible To Migrate Magento 1 Extensions To Magento 2.1?

Hi, I'm new to Magento. I bought a Magento 2 themed store, but didn't realize the extensions that I needed are not available for Magento 2. I heard there is code migration tool, but will that work for third party Magento 1 extensions to convert to Magento 2 code?





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There is no such tool which can help you to migrate Magento1 extensions completely to Magento2. There is a tool which can help you during that process, but still it's not useful if you're not developer, and if you're not familiar with Magento1/Magento2 code.

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Basically, this is manual work.

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Hi @dane5890


Yes , I got a tool which can help you migrate Custom extension from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.

Little bit of developer work and rest automated 


Kindly send me email of 


I will reply you asap






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Hi Dane,


Yes I can help you in this as I got a solution to migrate Magento 1 into Magento 2.

Can you please send me the extension details?



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This is something all are looking for. 

There is no any perfect tool you can find till now which can completely help you without needing of Magento developer.

So its best option to hire any Magento developer or Magento Extension developer agency to get the extension developments.


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as it was said, it's impossible to upgrade an M1 extension to M2 without any additional development work. 


What kind of extension are you looking for? 

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A flip book extension for my online bookstore to read excerpts. I need one.
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Hm, no, I don't know any for Magento. 

Probably, you need to order some customization indeed.