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Magento2 Datasheet Composition Module?

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Magento2 Datasheet Composition Module?



you know sometimes customer want to create attributes only for displaying informations in a tabel? Often the attributes are only used on product-view page and in the database it is just waste. We created a small module for magento2 and want to ask if the community is intrested in that module or has some ideas to improve that module?


At the moment the module is using one html-attribute that is filled with the needed html-structure when you save the product. In the frontend the html is used as it is (a tabel you can open close). A special nice thing is that you can load the structure you created on some product into a new product so you just need the sku for that and we grap the data and fill the tabel with the labels like you see in the gif below.


Also the module allows you to activated that function based on attributes and you can also disable the wysiwg-editor on attribute level.


Would be nice to have some feedback.


Animated gif how the extension is working:




Greetings Björn


Hi Björn,


Great Idea. I would really like to see something like this. Let me know if you need any assistance testing




M1 Certified

In the mean time we added some nice colors to different between headline and values. We also add a function to put tables inside the values (i did not like that but customers want to have that). And yes the module is already developed. Some of my colleagues will send you an e-mail or call you. Have a nice day!