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Mega Menu

Mega Menu

Is there a reliable megamenu extension for Magento 2?

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Just run across your question on Magento 2 Mega menu. 


It might be a bias when refering our newly launched Mega menu for Magento 2 to you. Yet, please check out our demo to see if it is a well fit for you:


A quick brief to save you time: 

- You will see in this intial release of our [Magento 2] Mega Menu all base features to create horizontal / vertical menu layout where you can configure attributes of columns (size, number of columns etc.,), add custom static blocks...

- Support custom style for each menu group and menu item of your mega menu, with additional css class code

- Support multiple websites, store views, multiple languages

- A few small goodies: Drag n drop to manage menu hierarchy; 10+ navigation effects; support both Fontawesome and custom uploaded icon; ajax-based category listing (admin); simplified TinyMCE editor etc.,


If you have any concern or need additional clarification, please do reply here or submit question in our Helpdesk ( 



Ubertheme Team


Any plan for Enterprise support?

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At present, only Magento CE 2 UB Mega Menu is in place. 


Ubertheme Team

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You can check megamenu extension for Magento 2 at this website 

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yeah sure there is a MegaMenu  Extension for Magento 2. Let's check out to get it now!

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Of course, there is Advanced Mega Menu Manager, to create any types of menus, very easily on Magento 2.
To make it more flexible, we've allowed many different custom nodes : 

  • Custom link (link)
  • Product (link)
  • Category (link)
  • Group (node group)
  • CMS blocks (renderer)
  • CMS page (link)
  • Content & Content List (link) 

One of the main asset is the possibility to combine this extension with Advanced Content Manager to be able to add Content types and Content lists into your menu.

Developers appreciate its fully scalable and customizable aspects. And Admins can also easily manage the menu from the intuitive backend interface.

Test our menu extension, with ACM, at:
Don't hesitate to contact us to have more details.

Occasional Contributor

You can get mega menu extension for your magento store from MageDelight website. 


Here are the core benefits of MageDelight's Mega menu extesnion.

  • Link categories, CMS pages, external URLs and static blocks to menu items
  • Display images and videos in mega menu to build up robust branding
  • Create sticky menu
  • Apply different animations effect for effective visual appeal
  • Apply different design types (horizontal, vertical, drill down)
  • Drag & drop menu items to sort them in menu
  • Place mega menu anywhere within the site

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Hi, please check the NavigationPro from Swissup 

It has the rich amount of options to create:

  • Stacked dropdowns (aligning dropdown items horizontally)
  • Amazon style menus (for large stores with departmens)  screely-1529404591463.png
  • Megamenu look (with widgets and blocks inserted, and setting for items aligning)screely-1529404984229.png
  • Adding Icons and labels for decorating top menu items screely-1529405263956.png
  • Color themes, dropdowns positioning, side navigation and much MORE...


NavigationPro is a great tool for advanced and new magento users. Anyway you have detailed documentation to bring desired navigation to your site. 

It has enough flexibility to create ANY kind of menu. 


Please, check the DEMO for options you can get.