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Multiple Wishlist

Multiple Wishlist

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do you need multiplewishlist extension for Magento 2

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You're able to add more than 1 wishlist in Megento 2. It's already on there.

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Wishlist Plus for Magento 2

Is this the extension that you are mentioning? This wishlist extension allows customers to save to different groups in their wishlist and manage these groups. 



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The Multiple Wishlists extension for Magento 2 is already available. Customer can create unlimited number of wishlists, add products there, copy or move products between wishlists, share with friends, etc.


Hope this will be of help.


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Our extensions for Magento 2

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In default Magento 2, only one wish list is available to customers. Multiple Wishlists for Magento 2, hence, will enhance this feature by letting buyers create as many wishlists as they want.

The module features:

  • Enable customers to add many wishlists instead of only one.
  • Manage items in lists in My Wish List section.
  • Keep products in wish lists after adding to cart.
  • Put items to favorites by popup.

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