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Solve Javascript loading problem to speed up website in Magento 2

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Solve Javascript loading problem to speed up website in Magento 2

Hey guys,

Is there any extensions which helps solving Javascript loading problem to speed up website in Magento 2?


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Hey guy, I hope you will satisfy with this extension. It is developed right after the launch of Magento 2 and gained good reviews!

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Thank @BSS Commerce

I bought another extension before I read your comment. But maybe the module I have been using does not make my site perform faster. Therefore, I think I will try your module to see differences because your extension seems to be so awesome without any manual code changes. Let's wait for me and I will comback to give you my feedback. 

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I would like to recommend you to optimize images and use CDN as well.

It can greatly speed up magento 2 store.



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Check this one out

also available on the official Magento Marketplace

this extension defers javascript

it is free

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As other said, you need to compress your image before uploading & use CDN as well. Apart from that use the extension which help to improve your search functionality.

To improve the store search functionality & faster search install elastic search extension.

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I would recommend you have look to CloudFlare as complex CDN solution which can also optimise loading of JS & CSS, additionally to that it's complete security solution. Free official Magento 2 integration -