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magento 2 auto print order via google clude print

magento 2 auto print order via google clude print

look for a way to connect   google clud print  to Magento 2 so will when a order come in to magento it sent to google cloud and automatic printed 

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I have some code written for connecting Magento 2 and Google Cloud print 


Please add me on skype : andrew40404 for further details or share your email so I can share code 

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What about label then? If you are few orders a day you can print Packing slip and Shipping lavel and match them so that you do not ship order incorrectly. With decent orders per day, how you wanna handle separate printing and matching label with the packing slip so you do not messup the order?

Occasional Contributor work with magento1 and magento 2  plus you can add more app to magento as well