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All Tides : New Canadian SwimShop

All Tides : New Canadian SwimShop

Hi everyone,


We are exited to showcase our new Website :

It is a swim shop targeted to Canadians swimmers.


For the technical part the shop is powered by Magento 2.1.3 CE and was developed by Altima in Montreal.


Re: All Tides : New Canadian SwimShop

Hi pierrelgrd,


My first impressions of your website is the homepage looks like there's a lot going on. It could be neater and cleaner by reducing the number of menu buttons in the middle of the screen. And then there's an imposing search bar at the top of the navigation menu. I'd recommend that you run user experience testing to see what your actual customers think of your website (not just other people like me!)


Feedback from your target customers is gold! And the best way way to do this is run User Experience testing on your website. Enter your ecommerce website URL, select your target audience and location, create/select the tasks (i.e make them go through your purchase process) and then identify points of friction or areas for improvement.


What to expect:

1) Genuine (sometimes brutal) feedback on your ecommerce website

2) Find the bugs and bad UX you never knew were there (and then do something about it)

3) Know what to keep, ditch and improve on your site (and use this knowledge to make them convert more)


Give it a go and test your website UX.