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CPAP Website

CPAP Website

Just sharing a responsive site we created/customized for CPAP Guaranteed. Feedback or suggestions are welcome.


Re: CPAP Website

Site design is overall simple and clearn looking, but i found a issue which is when I'm in product page it shouws product quentity as 0 and when I click on add to cart button with default quentity (0) it is addting to cart this might confuse the customer , you can change this default quentity value from magento admin panel to 1

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Re: CPAP Website

Good looking site - Here are my thoughts:


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Re: CPAP Website

Hi @matt1237


I like the site in general however the header needs some adjustment in my opinion - the shopping cart and compare block are very confusing, I didn't get from the first glance what is what. And yes, the black icons against dark background are just not visible.


I would suggest the following:


- Put the links Account | Wishlist | Login | Sign Up in the very top - you currently have the drop-down cart there;

- The phone number and opening hours could go to the left of the links I mentioned above;

- Drop-down cart and search will be on one line;

- I'd get rid of the compare function, frankly speaking. I noticed I hardly use it when I shop online, unless it's some electronics store where I want to compare important technical parameters and make the right decision. In your case the products do not have many characteristics to compare and it's easy to make a choice without detailed comparing.

- Search field: I'd round the corners of the inner frame too to make it consistent.

- Category page: the titles are too big while the prices are pretty tiny - it should be the other way around.


I also totally agree with Kent's remarks pointed out in the previous post - the product pages need some cleaning and getting rid of unnecessary information. Also pay attention to the background image - the quality is not very good.


And don't forget to change the Ultimo default favicon Smiley Wink


Good start!


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Re: CPAP Website

I recognized the ultimo theme right away.  I am trying to use the M2 version on our site.   Are you using M1 or M2?