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Cosmetics Magento Site

Cosmetics Magento Site

Sorry if I understand wrong about this forum title "Show Your Site" what I think we will show off our site here and people will give us an idea for how to improve it. Since I see too many people ask about technical question so I that I worry a lot of my right!


I want to show my Cosmetics site here: what base on Magento ver. (too old). I tried to upgrade to magento 1.7.2 from 2 years ago but I fail. So the question is do I have any chance to upgrade to magento 1.9.x?




Re: Cosmetics Magento Site



Yes it can be upgraded if the changes are not done in magento core files.But Offcourse it will take efforts to do it.



Pulkit Seth

Re: Cosmetics Magento Site

What error did you get while updating to 1.7?

Yes you can upgrade but you will need the services an expert developer who can help you throughout the process. Upgrading wont be a issue but making existing them and extensions compatible with Magento 1.9 will take time and high level of expertise.

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Re: Cosmetics Magento Site

Did you manage to migrate it to a newer version in the end? If so, you could take a look at some newer themes.


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