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How To Improve my site UI/UX??

How To Improve my site UI/UX??

Hello everyone, I am running a site on budget mtb helmets and want your suggestions to improve my user experience.

And Secondly, Can I transfer this site to Magento?? Will it affect my site speed in any way??


Thank you so much


Re: How To Improve my site UI/UX??

Here are some suggestions to improve your website User Experience:

  • Optimize your page speed.
  • Include well-designed and written headlines.
  • Use images (wisely).
  • Segment key information with bullet points.
  • Use attractive calls to action.
  • Keep your website pages consistent.

Yes, you can convert your current website to Magento but for this, you have to create a new theme in Magento from scratch.

Re: How To Improve my site UI/UX??

Hii @helmetadvi8281 ,



Yes! surely you can transfer your website to Magento. As I have visited your site it is in Wordpress. But transferring in Magento will not affect your website speed. 


Here, some tips to improve your site UI/UX.

  • Add some Banners which represent your work.
  • Give Few headlines on Homepage.
  • Work on website speed.
  • Use original Large size images.
  • Apply attractive theme.
  • Make it responsive
  • Make links to different sections(Separate the content as per the section and create different sections as per your website's content).
  • Use white space. 
  • etc.

Hope this will help you to improve your website's UI. If still have confusion feel free to ask.
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Thank you...!!

Re: How To Improve my site UI/UX??

Websites are the face of many businesses, just as a clean and tidy storefront is crucial. Increasingly, web users expect more sophistication from their websites and are savvy about web design. Adding user experience to a business site can increase search rankings, increase leads, and increase revenue, according to Design Advisor. We'll discuss five crucial steps for improving the user experience of any website in the post that follows.
1. Make your content engaging
2. Plan your layout carefully
3. Communicate Information Effectively and Concisely
4. Keep visitors from being annoyed
5. Improve the performance of your website
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