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Image optimization

Image optimization

I have a WordPress website related to cryptocurrency payment gateways, and I want to optimize its images to increase the upload speed. Any suggestions will be valuable to me.


Re: Image optimization

Image optimization has an important role in the speed and performance of your site. There are various online platforms through which you can optimize or compose your images without compromising their quality. 
Also, your hosting has to do much more in the optimization and performance of your site. A good Managed Cloud Hosting can ensure your site's reliability and performance.

Re: Image optimization

Hello @Johnhammer0be3 

There are 2 ways for the image optimization.


First, you can use online tools for image optimization.

Secondly, Manual Optimization - For better, personalized, and quick results, manual optimization is perfect. Because you can maintain quality and size according to your requirements.


If you require more help, do let us know.