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Instant Refunds! Apace offers customers instant access to their refunds!

Instant Refunds! Apace offers customers instant access to their refunds!

We are happy to announce Apace Instant Refunds for Magento 2 extension.


Order returns and cancellations are unavoidable for most eCommerce businesses. The average time frame for processing refunds is 5-14 days. If your customers are not satisfied with their purchase and want their money back, delaying the refund can further worsen their shopping experience.


Level up your customers' shopping experiences and eliminate their refund anxiety by offering instant refund payments (yup! they get the money in the account within seconds) using the Apace Refunds for Magento 2. Enjoy improved customer loyalty, increased repeat customers, and larger sales.

(The merchant is invoiced at a later date)


Enable the “revenue share” option to get 0.5% of every refund.  Get some money back from your customers’ returns!


To get started, check out Apace Instant Refunds (

More details?


Are you a developer with access to merchants? you can earn money from each refund processed through the merchants you refer to Apace!



Create an Instant refund offer with ApaceCreate an Instant refund offer with Apace

Instant refund offer detailsInstant refund offer details

Refund deposited instantly!Refund deposited instantly!

Detailed merchant portalDetailed merchant portal


Status changed on Magento to "Apace Refunded"Status changed on Magento to "Apace Refunded"