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Looking for Website Optimization Tips

Re: Looking for Website Optimization Tips

Follow these points to Optimize your website for better ranking in Google SERP

1. Choose the Best Hosting 

2. use the Light themes 

3. Use the Google tag manager tool ( to reduce heavy java scripts code and it improves website speed )

4. Make sure that each and every page has proper meta titles and Description 

Note Meta title should be 60 characters and description should be 160 characters

5. Use rank math or Yost plugin to optimise the content as per SEO guidelines

6. Use rich snippets ( to improve CTR )

7. Optimise the images on your website ( Try to use squoosh app to reduce image size ) 

8. Use the light speed cache plugin or WP rocket Plugin to improve website speed

9. Make sure to put canonical URL in every post or page 

10 Use CDN ( Cloudfare is providing free CDN )

11. Make sure that all URLs are in HTTPS ( if not redirect your URLs to HTTPS )


Follow these basic steps to Optimise your website to improve your rankings on Google 


Hope these 11 points help to you


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