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MP2B URL Implementation

MP2B URL Implementation

Hello this is Ramesh,


We have one vendor, their portal completely build with Magento platform (

They need to fulfil our requirement here.


Unique MP2B URLSmiley Sad Create the new URL where all the products should support this functionality, make sure it should redirected to checkout page with quantity..)


POST/GET parameters:



     *product1 is the HP manufacturer product/SKU number without any option
       code for the first product.
     *quantity1 is the number of units for the product1.


 Example :


Example single product:|1


Multiplies products:|1,CZ637AA|1,CC364A|1


can you please suggest me so that i will ask my vendor to adjust the coding on their side. thank you so much


thanks regards






Re: MP2B URL Implementation

Hi Ramesh,


Did you manage to fix your problem? I had a look at the store, and it looks like a normal electronics store. A bit too busy with a lot of photos and promotions.





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