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Magento Amazon Integration

Magento Amazon Integration

Please look at our site:


This website was created to test Magento Amazon Integration on a live store.


There are more than 55 000 products imported from Amazon to Magento using Amazon Products Manager extension.

The store is based on our Full-width template.




Re: Magento Amazon Integration

Hi there,


I have a travel booking site, please have a look at: It built on Wordpress platform by our former coder.

But it lacks of many features to be an e-commerce website. 

I heard from my friends that Magento is the best e-commerce platform. So can I change my site from Wordpress to Magento ?

And where to order that service ?


Re: Magento Amazon Integration

So are these products sold by the site owner on Amazon, or is it pulling Amazon products to create a site and monetize as an affiliate or something like that?  Or is it mostly a site to sell the same inventory in 2 places and sync inventory?  I don't really understand what you are doing.

Re: Magento Amazon Integration

There are two useful Amazon API: Merchant API and Affiliate API.


If you use Merchant API you can sell your products from your Magento catalog on Amazon (export Magento products to Amazon). Please check


Five Best Amazon Magento integration extensions 2017


If you use Amazon Affiliate API, you can import Amazon products to Magento and keep stocks and prices in touch with actual Amazon products data.
As an affiliate store, you make money on the total basket, even if the buyer purchases something totally unrelated to the product link they followed from your store.


Please check: Amazon Product Advertising API