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New Magento Extension- Quick View Configurable Product

New Magento Extension- Quick View Configurable Product

Hello All,


A new Magento extension released by OSTechnologies is waiting for your supportive feedback.


Quick View Configurable Product



One Click show Details for operational products:
- The customer can just click on 'View Details' with each Configurable product category page. On click, pop up box will open and show the product details with 'add to cart' button.
No Redirect
- The customer can add products into the category page without redirecting again and again into the checkout page.
Responsive Theme
- Support responsive themes- jQuery and Bootstrap based design.
- Support simple product add to cart with animation using jQuery.
Extension Support
- Support Category page where you can add product to cart without redirecting to another page.
- Support multi-store.
- Support multi-language.
- Support enable/disable option for extension.


Waiting for your valuable comments.


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Re: New Magento Extension- Quick View Configurable Product

Not able to use your plugin because we set up on M2, but a couple of thoughts for you:


1 - The admin panel you have created has a typo in it.  Not good for giving people confidence in your product.   You typed Qucik View instead of Quick view.   See your image


2 - The very beginning of your extension description would make me click off of it and not trust it from the 1st sentence.   "Quick View Configurable Product for Magento is a well thought out and excellently made module to make customer’s online shopping experience better."  Telling me a product you made is well thought out and excellently made immediately creates distrust for me.  If you feel you have to tell me it is then I think it probably is not.


3 - from a procedural standpoint, isn't making the item open in a pop-up window kind of the same thing as just going to the product page?   What I want is to select the options on the category page, click the add to cart button on the category page, and the item with the configuration I picked is added to my cart.    There is little value in opening the configured product in a pop-up window instead of opening the page the product is on, in my opinion.


Hope this is helpful