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We Build You Automated Niche Based Drop-shipping Store.

We Build You Automated Niche Based Drop-shipping Store.

We help you to build Micro-Niche Based Dropshipping Store which will be automated and you will earn long term profit from this. 


What are included : 

  • Micro Niche Keyword Research 
  • Keyword Optimized Custom Domain 
  • Custom Graphics - Logo, Banner etc. 
  • Custom Theme / Prenium Magento Theme
  • SEO Optimized Content for Site
  • Choice of 100000+ products from different Manufaturers located in USA, China, Hong Kong, Japan, India etc - Lowest Price Gurantee from most of them. 
  • Product Addition and other necessary works on site before making it live. 
  • Sales and SEO Friendly Plugins for the site.
  • Social Media Accounts and Boosted Promotion, With Ultimate Package, we gurantee to get you 10k+ Likes, Followers etc. 
  • Store in Facebook for Selling. 
  • Available Staff for daily  email checking, email sending, product and store modification etc.
  • Create a Sales funnel for the store and scale it up. 

Additional Services available at your disposal: 

  • Custom Business Card, Flyer, Hoardings, Letterhead, Envelope, Tee Shirt, Packaging Material - Design & Printing Service (Ships to US & Canada mostly, for other countries printing and shipping may not be available)
  • Video Advertising for the Store - Animated Whiteboard / Human Explainer Videos ; We create and promote as per your requirement. 
  • Voice Based Tele-Marketing and Tech-Support Assistance - Choice of Male / Female from 20+ People. Available at any time zone. 
  • Direct Purchase Assistance & Mediator Service - We buy products for you which are ordered in store, ship to customer's addess, archieve and fulfill when tracking is available. 
  • Compete Fraud Protection & Credit Card Reversal Protection - So that you don't lose money if anyone receives item and file a credit card chargeback. 
  • Legal Assistance for Disputes & Taxes - US & Canada Only. 

For any Further Query or Pricing Details, please mail to 


Re: We Build You Automated Niche Based Drop-shipping Store.

Hi, thanks for sharing you information here. Is this services available now. As we have magento store by the name of we "buy houses in tampa fl" we want to launch a drop shipping store related to it. Will it be possible on magento having auto system?