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Why is so slow?

Why is so slow?

hi to all Smiley Happy


I need to understand why my site is so slow!


I have siteground and he tell me that it "guilt" of magento 2


this is my situation:


How can I do it? works on code or change siteground?




Re: Why is so slow?

Hi @escounpo,



The reason is not the Magento platform, but the way it was implemented (either the code implementation or the server infrastructure, or both).

You can see how fast Magento is by reviewing the Magento marketplace, which is a Magento 2 website:

The Magento 2 website has to be developed following the Magento architecture and best practices, and the current performance problem has to be investigated to find the reason why the page load is taking more time than expected.


You can also review the tips from the Magento optimization guide here:



Best regards.


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Re: Why is so slow?



turn Magento profiler on (google how to that for your version) and paste the trace here.

Re: Why is so slow?

Your first interaction is very slow. It's server side problem may be. You have to check your site in other tools like GTMatrix, Pingdom etc. You will get better ideas on that.

Re: Why is so slow?

I answered your question here Again here for your quick reference.

It seems like the response time is more. Check with your hosting team regarding the configuration and share with us.

It could be because of

  • application has huge data to process and render. Response size could be more.
  • server is not meeting Magento's required configuration so it is slow.

For any application TTFB time is a critical factor. In order to debug more you can use below tools

All these tools will help you understand the frontend parameters and guide you how to optimize.

  • Gtmetrix
  • - to know time for first byte and other factors
  • Google page speed insights

Also at Magento application level you can enable profiler and check details of load time of all the elements loading in the page like blocks, phtml templates, sql queries, models, observers etc and remove unnecessary code or optimize the logic based on the report.

At server level you can configure cache mechanism like varnish, redis etc to boost the performance

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Re: Why is so slow?



Have a look at the article "How do I speed up Magento 2"


Follow the steps given in this post and you'll see the result!


Moreover, you can try the FREE Magento 2 Defer Parsing of Javascript extension that improves Magento 2 store's loading speed by defer parsing of Javascript.


Hope it helps!

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Re: Why is so slow?

Thank you so much. I implemented the knowledge present in your shared links on My Current Location Zip code website. And have achieve high page loading speed. Due to which my website bounce rate is also decreased and my business is growing day by day

Re: Why is so slow?

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