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This is my first try at using Magento.  I am building our site and visually I am liking it so far.


However, the site seems really slow to me.  I contacted our hosting provider and they did not have much to offer.   It also does not like it when I add new products.  It will stop displaying all of the existing products for a few hours, even if I reindex through the admin panel or through ssh every time I add a new product.  Is this normal Magento behavior?   It also does not display stock levels for configurable products unlike Magento 1 versions.   Is this a known issue that will be fixed or is it just a feature the totally took out of M2 and aren't going to add back?


I am struggling to decide if I want to keep the M2 site or scrap it and start over on the M1 platform.   I thought M2 would be mature enough by now and I like the admin area a lot more, but is this smart?   I need to get this site launched in the next 30 days.



Will be brutally honest with you, Magento2 provides no extra business functionality over Magento1, it's a technical update and as such it's a long way behind in terms of extensions and knowledge. Nexcess are a very good host, one of the best, but you need to pay for quite a good setup to get the results, we don't do any Magento2 installs as the architects decided Magento2 wasn't up to scratch and didn't provide a return on investment. It's ok if you're a new small store and have time to fix the issues as you go along, but if you're a business 1.9x is more mature.


For the hosting, we use Amazon AWS, it's easier to scale up and down and with a good cluster can index 30% of the site within 1wk, but you need to know what you are doing with it. Unfortunately the consultants stopped doing installs last week until Feb/Mar as it will be difficult to see a return on investment this year, they do installs in a few days, otherwise for $4k could have had you up and running with AWS mini-cluster, Excel direct product uploads, (does the same as hiring an seo agency), etc. Launching in November means you will not have the time needed to get everything up to speed, customers and crawlers need time to trust your new site.


Configurables are a pain, we try and avoid them where possible and use options, again it comes down to productivity as product uploads and inline product maintenance are more complex with configurables. With Magento1 there are some extensions which allow holding stock at option level in the product, and our (well not technically ours) Excel direct product upload works with options. It explodes fashion and beauty products in to Magento and managed from Excel, we just drag drop the new file and it auto syncs. This doesn't work with configurables and you have to use solutions like Magmi, which again is a technical product where you need programmers, with Excel it can be maintained inline by business people.


It depends how much time you've invested in Magento2 and whether you can write it off, but in reality Magento1 is a better business choice and Magento2 a better technical choice, however business drives revenue, technology is just there to help and with Magento2 you will be fighting it a lot of the way.


I like the look. One comment: it seems these days people turn to white background photos, and a very "light" look. Have you considered that approach?


Also I've noticed this message on the front page:

"We're sorry, an error has occurred while generating this email"




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The error message is apparently a bug in Magento 2.1.1 caused by one of 2 issues - 1) there are conflicts if you install the demo data and/or 2) if you change the parent attribute set and the don't change the child product attribute set to match .   It makes the products sometimes show up and sometimes not, depending on what mood it is in but I think I have stabilized it.   Honestly that was the main reason I was getting frustrated and going to build an M1 version, which I have started and have on


Thanks for the input.


Thanks for the info.   I have started redoing on M1 at dev,  


One of the big differences for me that I have noticed in M2 vs M1 (out of the box) is that in M2 you can add or hide the columns on the product view.   I don't see a way to show additional columns in M1 so managing products seems easier on M2, but at this point I think I am going to switch over to the M1 build.


magento 2 still  pain but you can run smooth if after your website live. just use good hosting. i m using digitalocean per month 10$ works awesome fast 




In addition to the helpful comments above, there's another way to get genuine, useful feedback.


Feedback from your target customers is gold! And the best way way to do this is run User Experience testing on your website. Enter your ecommerce website URL, select your target audience and location, create/select the tasks (i.e make them go through your purchase process) and then identify points of friction or areas for improvement.


What to expect:

1) Genuine (sometimes brutal) feedback on your ecommerce website

2) Find the bugs and bad UX you never knew were there (and then do something about it)

3) Know what to keep, ditch and improve on your site (and use this knowledge to make them convert more)


Give it a go and test your website UX.




Hi nice site easy to navigate and functional

On this page the "You may also be interested" block is displaying underneath the other blocks and isn't showing me any images. I had a similar problem before with a few blocks stepping out of place which I fixed by going into the product profile then Design>Display Product Options In and then changing the settings in the dropdown to "block after info coloumn".


Fully functional site. However, it doesn't appeal to me. The layout is a bit off for me. Three pictures in the middle (below the slide and above the Instagram feed) look off balance.

Maybe try a more dynamic theme?