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where are the invoice templates stored?

New Contributor

where are the invoice templates stored?

Hi there,

i am new to Magento 1.9.

i found an information about the path to the invoice template: app/design/frontend/base/default/template/invoice – but in the Folder template there is no subfolder invoice.

So, where are my invoice templates?
And where in the documentation are these informations described? i did not found it in the documentation (but somewhere in the internet).

Thank You very much (and please sorry for my cruel english)


Re: where are the invoice templates stored?

The base template will be in your app/locale folder. If you are using the en_US locale then they will be here:


Note that there is a different templates used depending on guest/logged in customer.


The above template will use this template in your theme or inherit from base/default theme if you haven't customised to actually output the items:

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New Contributor

Re: where are the invoice templates stored?

Thank You very much for Your Tipps!

I did not ask the right QUestion.
Where is the Template for the PDF-Invoice, the People get from the System?
And where is the correct Part of the Documentation to find and edit these Objects?