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Beginner training

Beginner training

Hi All

I work for an online retailer. We have an ecommerce site on Magento 2.

We currently outsource our technical work including web design and Magento programming etc.


My manager would like me to train in all aspects of Web development, coding, back end Magento 2 etc

The plan is to bring some of the work inhouse.


I am currently a user of Magento 2 - so experience of sales orders, attribute sets, attributes, imports, exports etc. But i have NO experience with coding, programming etc


I have done some research and it would seem that i need experience and training in the following:







Then further training in things like APIs. Then look at specific Magento courses and certification?


In the UK there doesnt seem to be a course that covers everything, so i guess i am going to have to just work through them, separate courses at a time. 

Can anyone advise if the above is correct? Is there anything else that would be useful, or required?

Has anyone taken courses in the above, whether classroom, day release or online and could recommend?