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Certification issue


Certification issue

I originally posted this question on a similar topic to try and avoid duplicate posts, however as I've not received any response I decided to make a new post.


I took and passed the certification exam on 6/3/16, however the certification tab is not showing up in my account. I have the score report that Prometric prints out after the exam and the Magento ID listed is correct. I've actually sent in 4 different emails to Magento regarding this issue and haven't even received an email acknowledging me. I understand the physical certification can take up to 6 weeks, however Prometric states that the results should be updated to my account in 24-48 business hours. I primarily want to confirm there are no issues and get everything in order, though I would also like clarification on how Magento support, specifically the certification section, typically handles emails. I find it incredibly frustrating that there hasn't been even a single response after four emails (two of them straight to, the other two through the "Contact Us" form). Thank you.


Re: Certification issue

Hi @dwargolet


Did you used same email id to register with Prometric which you use to login to your Magento account?

You may send personal message to @sherrie with all the details, she should be able to help you.

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Re: Certification issue

Hello @muk_t


Thank you for your response, I apologize as I should have clarified in my original post, however I did indeed register using the same email. I will reach out to @sherrie and hopefully we can resolve this issue. Smiley Happy


Re: Certification issue

Hi @dwargolet,


Sorry to hear you haven't heard back from our team, but happy to follow up on this for you! I found your PM and replied.


Community Manager, Magento
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Re: Certification issue

In case anyone else runs into a similar issue and stumbles upon this, I never heard back from Magento's support. The best thing you can do is reach out to @sherrie regarding the issue.