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Concern with Magento 2 Trained Partner Program


Concern with Magento 2 Trained Partner Program



We have registered for Magento 2 Trained Partner Program. We have purchased a course of Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development.  We got the course on Magento U.

While i was revewing one of its Unit (Unit Two) what i found that its not based on Beta version.

Under Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development - Unit Two it describe about Base Router on 3.19 Code Demonstration: Magento\Core\App\Router\Base. I checked in new beta release Magento\Core does not exists. So this course and videos are not updated according to latest Beta version changes. We have paid money for this course to learn updated version of Magento 2. As we are not aware of what changes were made after preparing this course Material. Now, What to do?

According to me such kind of Certification Program has to launch after stable release. Beacuse solution partners are paying money for this courses which are not updated.

Darshan, Solution Consultant
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Re: Concern with Magento 2 Trained Partner Program

Hi @darshan_cignex,


So sorry for the delay in reply here. Thank you for sharing your concern.


Due to the fact that we are still in a beta period (and were aware that edits would come over time), we reduced the price, we are extending access for 90 days passed GA and we will include any updates we make.


We are in the process of updating the units and will continue to do so.


There will be an actual Magento 2 certification program later once M2 has been in the market long enough; however, I don't believe there's an actual ETA for that at this time. The Magento 2 Trained Partner Program is the best way to make sure our partners are up to date and properly recognized for training as we launch M2.


Hope this helps shed some light on the thought process and goals around the Magento 2 Trained Partner Program!





Community Manager, Magento
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