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How to become backend developer?

How to become backend developer?

Hello Everyone, I am confused about is any specific programming language is needed to become backend development? I am expert in php programming so is it enough or I will start to learn another language to become a great backend developer. Can anyone tell me, Is any specific programming is required or not?


Re: How to become backend developer?

Hi @arjun_kumar3 


Welcome to the Magento Community forum.


I assume - you are talking about Magento backend developer.


If its yes - then as mentioned by you that you are well-versed with the PHP programming language.


Then i think its sufficient but Magento follows the OOPS and MVC architecture - heavily utilized interface concepts as well


So i would suggest you to learn that as well - it will helps you to customize anything at backend level.


Being backend developer you also require to have knowledge of APIs as well - so explore that are as well.


I would also suggest you to refer the devdocs - 


Hope it helps 

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Re: How to become backend developer?

Hi Arjun,

This is the best questions which you asked here, backend Developer can be for any backend Languages, Here as Manthan Dave suggested to become a Magento backend developer, You must have three basic skills that are:

  1. PHP
  2. OOPs Concepts
  3. MVC Architecture

1. What is PHP?

As PHP is a General Purpose Programming language that is used for web development.

2. What are the OOPs Concepts?

Here I am gonna list OOPs Concepts:

1. Abstraction (It is Used to represent simple things in complexity.)

2. Encapsulation (This is the practice of keeping fields within a class private, then providing access to them via public methods. It’s a protective barrier that keeps the data and code safe within the class itself.)

3. Inheritance (It lets programmers create new classes that share some of the attributes of existing classes.)

4. Polymorphism (Use the same word to mean different things in different contexts.)

3. What is MVC Architecture?

It is a pattern that separates an application into three parts i.e. 

1. Model

2. View

3. Controller

Features of MVC:

1. Best for developing light-weighted Applications.

2. It provides us an extensible and pluggable framework.

3. It enables developers to manage the complexity of large projects and work individuals.

4. It enhances test-driven development.

5. Support a lot of functionalities i.e:

  • Authorization
  • Authentication
  • Data Binding
  • User Controls
  • Memberships

The steps which you need to follow for becoming a backend developer:

1. You need to learn a language perfectly.

2. Whatever you learned to practice them through the help of projects that can be separated in different modules.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started

  • Implement some command that you find yourself using in the bash e.g. try to implement the functionality of ls
  • Write a command that fetches and saves Reddit posts on /r/programming in the form of JSON file
  • Write a command that gives you a directory structure in JSON format e.g. jsonify dir-name to give you a JSON file with the structure inside the dir-name
  • Write a command that reads JSON from above step and creates the directory structure
  • Think of some task that you do every day and try to automate that

Step 3: Learn more about the package manager.

Step 4. Each language has its own specific best practices and standards, study them.

Step 5. You need to aware of the best practice for security as well.

Step 6. Now you need to create a package and distribute it for others to use.

Step 7. Once you are completely aware of the development then, it's the time of testing, Where you need to start learning about the testing, As every product has its own QA but still before sending it to the tester for testing your deployed product you also need to test its functionality. 

Step 8. You also need to familiar with any of the databases.

Step 9. You also need to learn about the backend frameworks.

Step 10. You also need to learn about the Restful APIs.

Step 11. You also need to learn about Authentication Methods.

Step 12. You also need to know about message brokers.

Step 13. You also need to learn about the Web Servers.

Step 14. What is GraphQL?

Step 15. Also, you need to keep your eyes on the Graph Database.


Re: How to become backend developer?

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Re: How to become backend developer?

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Re: How to become backend developer?

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Re: How to become backend developer?

Hi guy,

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Re: How to become backend developer?

I understand the feeling of learning from scratch. It is very difficult and ambiguous, not knowing where to start. Especially when there are so many resources online for you to find and learn. But the problem is it has too much.
You should orient yourself on a correct path first.
In this post, there are some sources that I think are reputable for you to refer to

Re: How to become backend developer?

Its great if you know about PHP now learn PHP framework like Magento and APIs. 

Re: How to become backend developer?

That being said, it can definitely be beneficial to learn other languages and technologies commonly used in backend development, such as Python, Java, and SQL. These languages will give you more versatility and allow you to work with a wider range of systems.