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M2 certification questions

M2 certification questions

Hello all, 

I have been working with M2 open source for ~1.5years and I'm planning to take M2 certified professional developer.
Of course I have some questions that are looking for some answers so there they are:
1. In the study guide it says that it is specified for 2.2 version, when is it going to change to the 2.3 and are we going to be informed?
2. When major version of magento is released, what happens with certification, does the questions changes a lot or just a few of them, or it doesnt really matter? As my expierence sees, there was a lot of changes in the core how some of the stuff works. I would like to know if certification changes a lot, due to change in major release. As example 2.2 -> 2.3.

3. How to control this immense amount of information that you need to learn about M2?
4. Any tips that would help in preparations for the certifiaction? 

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english skills Smiley Happy


Re: M2 certification questions

Hi @ZUKOVASM, so sorry I missed this. I've reached out to our training and certification team and asked them to reply.


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Re: M2 certification questions

We are in the process of updating of the Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer exam and we will be updating the study guide when we publish the updated exam.   It will be updated for 2.3.  There were only minor adjustments needed to the exam objectives to address 2.3.  Look for the update to take place in March.