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Magento 2 certification exams


Magento 2 certification exams

How the Magento 2 release will affect the certification exams? When this is expecting to be happen?

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Re: Magento 2 certification exams

If I were to guess, a Magento 2 certification won't happen until at least 6 months after it is released.


Magento factors in real-world experience into their certifications -- which I appreciate. They may have some preliminary 'experienced in' Magento 2 test or something like that, but I wouldn't count on an official certification for some time.

Mark Shust · ZCE, MCD+

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Re: Magento 2 certification exams

I blogged about this back in January, and Beth Gomez, who heads up Magento U (including the certification program) was kind enough to reply. If you visit my post and search for her name, you'll see her reply. A brief summary of the plans in motion at that time, though, was that a Fundamentals of Magento 2 course will be available from Magento U before Magento 2 is released, and that developers who take that course and 'pass' it somehow will be given some sort of way to indicate they are Magento 2 ready. However, the full Magento 2 certification won't happen until after everyone has real-world experience with Magento 2, as it's based on that real-world experience that none of us have yet. Smiley Happy 

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