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PSI certification center

PSI certification center

Hi there, 

Please STOP using and promoting PSI certification . I`ve tried to pass magento certification by this service , which adobe recommends using here
I`ve paid 125$ , followed the instruction , but after waiting for 1 hour at PSI secure browser I gave up because proctor didn`t show up!

On my requests to get refund nobody in answering , so PSI service is a scam . If you don`t believe me, please take a look in reviews 

Magento have to disable opportunity to use PSI for certifications as people just waisting money on it !


Re: PSI certification center

I had a similar experience last week with PSI. It is unacceptable to be able take the money, I hit their link that validates my machine and my network were both ok to do the test. Only to find out after 2h of onboarding (they made me doing the onboarding twice), I was eventually told my network was too slow. Then, they asked me to reach the support. 7 days after this exam, there is no follow up and I seem to have lost the exam fee, with nobody trying to resolve this issue