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Unable to purchase certification ticket

Unable to purchase certification ticket

I'm trying to purchase certification ticket to pass examination.


But every time I'm getting an error after pressing 'place order' button. I see the javascript alert message 'Error capturing payment' or smth like this. I tried do this via credit card and paypal. I also asked my friends to try place an order. Everything was failed.


When I did one of the payments and tried to contact to bank where credit card was registered, they said that they don't see any payment requests in their system.


When my friend tried to place an order from paypal Poland, he got a call from his bank and they told him, that some strange merchant want to still his money. All operations described above were made from different PCs from my magento account.


When I tried to purchased certification ticket 3 month ago to pass another examenation I also faced with all of these troubles. But the payment was successfull from Lithuania paypal account.


Please advice how can I place an order?


Re: Unable to purchase certification ticket

Hi @Alex Skrashuk, so sorry for the delay. Have you tried emailing


Community Manager, Magento
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