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What change after certification?

What change after certification?

Hello, I would like to know your experience after take certification. It's bit expensive and I'm thinking about to take it. So it's increase work? It's more easy work in magento?
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Re: What change after certification?

Hi @caygri,


In my opinion there isn't just one answer to that question.

1) It will be an achieve for you.

2) There are really good professionals without certifications so isn't the only thing you shoud consider about.

3) Solution Partners needs to have at least some minimun number of certified developers. So, if you are certified, maybe you could have more opportunities that someone without certifications.

4) A certified developer/professional doesn't mean that is a super developer or professional.  The certification, basically, let you know that the person has, at least, a minimun set of knowledge and experience.


(my 2 cents)

Re: What change after certification?

thank you for your comment and suggest. I think i'm good developer but often choose someone who has certification
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