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Best solution for International store

Best solution for International store

First, I want to say Hi to everyone...

I'm abut to get a new project for an international company, this company has stores in America, Europe, Asia... so far that I know over 400 retails all over the world, a company this size you might think they have their own IT and all build in house, but nop, thats another story...

I want to present the best possible solution for what they need, key word need...
Payment getaway:
When user in the US want to buy an item, they can chose a payment method, say Stripe, but, that payment goes to US account, while a user that purchase an item in DE with the same payment method(Stripe) the payment goes to DE account, same payment method but different accounts.
Is this possible?

If a user from MX want to buy an item but is not available at that moment in MX but it is in the US, the system should send 2 notifications, 1 for the local retail(MX) and 1 for the closes warehouse with stock(US) payment goes to MX account with a fraction to the US warehouse/retail.

By default when use enter the website the system should show the local language, but also give the ability to read in other language
Say a user located in Tokyo enter the website the first thing is to show all in Japanese but also the ability to switch languages without changing country location...

Then is the teamwork, a manager from CH shouldn't be able to see or manage item from BR, final users can only see if the product is local or import, crew team, this is by country, each country should have their own space, general and exclusive products.

My team and I have selected 3 possible options, one of them is Magento, we have use Magento in the past but never to this extend, so we would like to read about your experiences using Manegnto in an international scenario.

Thank you in advance.


Re: Best solution for International store

Thank you for the Sepremex post!The solution is really good!