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Developing Our Own Magento Implementation Roadmap

Developing Our Own Magento Implementation Roadmap

A year, or so ago, as the Program Manager for a new business unit in our company, I went looking for a long term web services platform that we could start mastering to build a long term managed web strategy.     

I picked Magento for numerous reasons, including the knowledge that Adobe had acquired Magento and believing that we can parallel our business development efforts along a similar road map track with Adobe. 

We are a slow, methodical, but careful, 35+ year private business that never does anything that is not designed to support a very long term investment.   That is our MO.    

Recognizing that Magento is an ecommerce platform offering a full range of usefulness in that realm coupled with a unified content management capability, I perceived that we could adopt Magento as a long business commitment, but not leap straight into the ecommerce that so many others pick Magento for.  Instead, I wanted the benefit of the content management capability that would empower us to start migrating all of our diverse websites and years of accumulated, but silo'd content, into this content engine and realize a significant benefit of single source management of that content for publishing.  
Intending to turn off the ecommerce selling features in the early phases, and focus on migrating all of our websites into the new formats and tools, laying the groundwork for Adobe Experience as I expected it to come, and deploy everything we need to turn on all of our offerings to the web with a simple, more static phase one plan.    

Then, being that all future web content is going very transactional, and intelligently interactive, then our investment in selecting Magento would be well positioned to pay off for our long plans.  We will be able to make this significant restructuring and settel that down for our short term needs, then far more easily begin our web services migration toward transactional content and ecommerce as we need it to.     

I am on the hunt for references, engagement with peers, case studies, examples, and knowledge of others that are thinking the same way I do.