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Export of entity products not complete

Export of entity products not complete

Hey guys, my objective is to export all products including all attributes from magento as csv. Unfortunatley all exports I did havent been complete. Mostly relations to parent products where kind of incomplete.


No clue whats wrong with this export.


I have selected the right entity, selected csv, cleared up all filters, and continued.


Result is not what I expected.


Using Magento ver. 2.4.5-p1 as Admin


Anyone with some good inputs?



thanks Silvan


Re: Export of entity products not complete

Was that data exporting before you upgraded to 2.4.5-p1?


There has some advanced data that Magento's native export/import functionality hasn't fully supported in the past. Historically, extension developers have created solutions for this. Here are some examples of Import/Export extensions for product data:


Best of luck!