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Heater Pro X (Pros and Cons Exposed 2022) – Are there any side effects to watch out for?

Heater Pro X (Pros and Cons Exposed 2022) – Are there any side effects to watch out for?

What is Heater Pro X?


The Heater Pro X is a mobile heater that has a thermostat as well as a timer. The control of the heater takes place via a digital LED display. With a power of 350 watts, the Heater Pro X can be used almost anywhere - on the one hand, to use it as a personal mobile heater that provides warmth with a heated air stream, and on the other hand, as a mobile heater that heats smaller rooms so that others can also benefit from the temperature increase. The Heater Pro X does not have a cable, but plugs directly into the wall socket. Thus, it does not take up any space. In addition, the mobile heater is said to be very quiet in operation, according to the provider, so it won't be a nuisance when used in the office, library or bedroom. Since the heater is portable, it doesn't have to be permanently installed or used only in one room. It can be brought and turned on wherever you want to be, depending on your needs. (Any/all links in this post are affiliate links from which the author receives a small commission from the sale of this product/service, but the price is the same for you).


Why do I need this mobile heater?


The use of Heater Pro X with 350-watt and can be useful in many cases. For example, if you want to save heating costs by not heating your entire apartment or house, but just plug in the mobile heater where you are. Also, mobile heating can help if you are often very cold and don't want to turn up the heat all the time. Furthermore, the 350-watt Heater Pro X can be used wherever there are no heaters installed or where you yourself have no influence on the heating settings - for example, in a hotel with central control for the radiators, in the library, at your workplace in the office or even in a café. However, if you want to use Heater Pro X in a public place, you should always ask the owner or other responsible person for permission. Click here to go to the product website to see the discounted prices!


Heater Pro X rating and recommendation


The Heater Pro X is an exciting product that was definitely missing on the market in this form. Of course, there are already numerous fan heaters, but hardly any mobile heater that can simply be plugged into the socket and then used as needed by means of simple settings. Just like high-quality fan heaters, this mobile heater has a ceramic heating element. With an output of 350 watts, the Heater Pro X can certainly keep up with small fan heaters and heat rooms up to ten square meters in size. But of course, it is especially suitable for creating a warm draft, which is mainly used to warm the person who is about to use the heater.


The settings of the Heater Pro X can be made quite easily via an LED display - the timer can be set between one and twelve hours and the digital thermostat can be activated. The Heater Pro X is advertised as particularly quiet with a measured volume of 44.8 decibels - the supplier states that it is only slightly quieter in a library. This makes the mobile heater virtually predestined for use in bedrooms, offices and public spaces. With temperature control and overheating protection, the 350-watt Heater Pro X is also supposed to ensure the highest possible safety during operation. But last but not least, the ability to take and use the heater anywhere with its compact design makes it an interesting gadget for those who don't want to freeze during the cold season. You can find more information and a discounted price here on the product website!


Heater Pro X technical facts


  • Ceramic heating element
  • 350-watt power
  • Timer
  • digital thermostat
  • LED display
  • Suitable for small rooms
  • wireless
  • low noise (44.8 dB)
  • Overheating protection
  • Temperature control
  • compact design
  • portable


What is the Heater Pro X quality features?


There are no indications yet that the mobile heater has ratings from Kotoist, Stiftung Ware test or other relevant test centers. Seals of approval are also not published at the moment. Nevertheless, the supplier advertises the Heater Pro X as one of the best mobile heaters currently available on the market.


General Heater Pro X opinions


Ratings and reviews from users of the Heater Pro X cannot be found online yet. How convinced potential reviewers are of the mobile heater can of course not be said with this. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!


Where can I order Heater Pro X?


If you think the Heater Pro X with a power of 350 watts is a good solution for you to survive cold days and the winter months without freezing, you should take a closer look at the Torchmark online store. Here, the official provider sells the mobile heater and also provides you with comprehensive information about the product. However, before you can place an order, you first have to choose whether the Heater Pro X should be delivered with a European plug or a US plug. Once that is done, you can also choose how many Heater Pro X you want to buy. Simply enter the desired number in the field next to "Add to cart".


By the way, you currently get a 50% discount on your order - regardless of how many Heater Pro X you buy. Since the heater is mobile and can therefore be used flexibly in any place where there is a power outlet, you ideally only need one mobile heater. If you want to be on the safe side and not only have a Heater Pro X at home, but also at your workplace, it may be worth buying two devices. If you want to save on heating costs and you live in a household with other people, it can also be worthwhile to order a mobile heater for each household member - this way, everyone can flexibly choose where they want to be on cold days and generate warm ambient air.


You can of course continue shopping and add other exciting products from the online store to your shopping cart or continue directly with the ordering process.


To do this, go to your shopping cart. Here you can see how much all the products you have selected will cost you. If you have a discount code, you can enter it here directly. Then you can choose your preferred shipping method. Standard shipping is currently free of charge. If you want to receive the Heater Pro X with a power of 350 watts as soon as possible, you can also choose express shipping - the shipping will also take place with anti-theft insurance.


With one click you can continue directly with PayPal. This way you avoid entering your personal data, because PayPal will take care of it. If you want to pay in another way, simply scroll over the PayPal button and enter the required information in the following form. The provider needs information about your first and last name, your delivery address, your e-mail address and your phone number. If you would like to provide the provider with further information about the order, there is an extra field for this.


Afterwards, you will again receive an overview of the costs to be paid and the option to change the shipping method. Now the provider needs information about your credit card so that the order can be paid. Once all this is done, simply click on "Place order". All your order data will be sent to the provider and the Heater Pro X will be shipped to you within the next few days.


General information about mobile heating


A mobile heater can be very different from other mobile heaters, both visually and in terms of its functions. Basically, the choice should always be made according to one's own needs and not, for example, according to design or advertising claims. A good help when choosing a mobile heater is to know what products are available on the market and what advantages and disadvantages, they have.


The so-called quick heater is characterized, how could it be otherwise, by the fact that it can heat up especially small rooms within a very short time. It is quite suitable for mobile use and can be used in different rooms, if necessary, provided that there is a power supply. Often it is also suitable as a frost monitor, if it has a thermostat, while in the summer it may even be converted into a fan. The cost of such devices is usually kept within reasonable limits, and the operability is exceptionally good. However, it is not uncommon to expect higher electricity costs - as well as a higher noise level. Also, permanent use is usually not possible.


The so-called bathroom fan heater is very similar in function to the Heater Pro X with an output of 350 watts. It is plugged directly into the socket and from there provides a comfortable room temperature. Due to its size, it is particularly suitable for heating smaller rooms, such as the bathroom. However, it has the name "bathroom fan heater" not only because of this, but also because it has built-in protection against splashing water. This feature is important in any case, otherwise it can cause a short circuit. No data is known for the Heater Pro X in terms of water resistance, so it is better not to use it in the bathroom.


In addition, there are also mobile heaters for commercial and industrial use. So-called industrial fan heaters can also be used in a home or apartment, for example, if there has been water damage. These devices are suitable for heating larger rooms and have only a short warm-up time. However, the robust fan heaters are expensive to purchase and can therefore be rented by the day or week. Due to their higher noise level, however, they are usually only used in the private sector when there is no alternative.


The biggest advantage of mobile heaters is, of course, that they are portable and do not need to be permanently installed. However, in addition, there are several other plus points that can collect these heaters compared to other heating solutions:


  • Speed: Compared to electric fans, mobile heaters and fan heaters are characterized primarily by the fact that they heat the air uniformly much faster.
  • Operability: Compared to other electric heaters, fan heaters and mobile heaters are usually much less complicated to operate. In addition, they are easier to transport, as they are lighter and built for mobile use.
  • Space: Mobile heaters are often significantly smaller than other heating solutions and are thus considered a particularly space-saving option for heating rooms.
  • Speed of use: From the previously mentioned points, it is clear that mobile heaters are very uncomplicated devices in many respects. This means that they can be made ready for use very quickly, even by non-professionals.
  • Price: the cost of mobile heating is much lower than that of radiators, convectors or even holistic heating solutions for your own four walls (stove, central heating). Of course, mobile heaters also have their downsides. Particularly worth mentioning are the following:
  • Power consumption: The power consumption of mobile heaters is often higher than that of conventional heating systems. Here, however, it clearly depends on the size and power of the respective heater.
  • Period of use: While convectors and radiators can be switched on for days, mobile heaters should only be operated for a certain period of time. Otherwise - if no overheating protection is installed - overheating can occur.
  • Noise: Not all, but some mobile heaters are relatively loud in operation and can therefore disrupt everyday life. However, especially the heaters for private use have developed greatly in recent years in terms of noise pollution and are therefore very quiet compared to older models.


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Known FAQ about this product


Q: What makes the Heater Pro X so unique?

A: According to the supplier, the mobile heater is suitable even in particularly cold rooms up to about ten square meters. In addition, it should make inexpensive heating possible and even be able to temporarily replace the classic electric heating.

Q: How safe is the mobile heater?

A: According to the manufacturer, the Heater Pro X is a safe device that immediately turns itself off when it overheats, which should prevent a fire or short circuit fully automatically. Nevertheless, it makes sense to only operate the mobile heater when you are on site.

Q: What is the use of the integrated timer of the Heater Pro X?

A: The integrated timer is freely programmable and can be set for a runtime of one to twelve hours. This way, you can ensure that the mobile heater switches off without your intervention, for example when you go to bed. This feature is particularly advantageous for office use, as it prevents the heater from being accidentally turned on after work. At the same time, the timer also allows you to set the mobile heater to turn on at a certain time. Especially in the morning, when you enter the bathroom at around six o'clock, you can look forward to cozy warmth.


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