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Hello Community!


Hello Community!

Hello to the whole magento community!

I'm a freelance from Italy and I'm very new to Magento. I want to learn how to use Magento because I believe it's one of the best CMS.

I hope in the future, when I become an expert, to be able to help others in this community too.


Re: Hello Community!

Hi @salvatore_favel,

Welcome to magento community.

Definitely we will help you where you need.
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Re: Hello Community!

Hi Salvatore!


Welcome to the forums! It's a great place to ask questions and share experiences and feedback.


Another great resource is
, which includes documentation on much of Magento's standard features and functionality.

Additionally, you can view "known" issues with the Magento 2 platform on   Github:

You can learn about the forum guidelines here:


and if you ever get stuck, just ask a question, or reach out to @sherrie who oversees this forum.


PS - Magento is definitely one of the very best eCommerce platforms. That also means that it's robust with many features, so I'm sure you'll find these resource helpful.




Re: Hello Community!

Hi Robert! Thanks for welcome and for the tips! I'll definitely take a look at the links.


Re: Hello Community!

buongiorno a tutti, premetto che non sono un programmatore.

Voglio aprire un e-commerce per questo ho contattato Magento che mi ha inviato alcuni link, mi sono scaricato il file zip, ho fatto l'estrazione, ma non riesco ad andare avanti quindi installare il necessario per realizzare il sito e-commerce.

qualcuno mi può aiutare .