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Hello Magento Community! Greetings from Hanoi, Vietnam

Hello Magento Community! Greetings from Hanoi, Vietnam

Hi everybody, I have just joined the community and still not sure whether it is appropriate to submit the posts like this. My name is Thien Duong, a software developer from Vietnam. For the past 6 months I and my team have been working on a SAAS project which provides the web analytics solution exclusively for Ecommerce store owners, named Ecomfit. It is an analytics software that provides automated reports, detailed suggestions on conversions and optimizations and critical system warnings in real-time. The project now is in the alpha stage and we are planning to launch a beta test product at the end of this month. In order to help us improve the product there are some questions that we would like to ask regarding the analytics platforms such as Google Analytics. It would help us a lot and we appreciate it. 

1/Can you please tell me were you aware of using advanced analytics platforms to monitor the performance of your website in terms of sales funnels, checkout behavior, abandoned cart rate?

2/ If yes, what specific platforms did you use?

3/ Were they good enough? Are there any functions that you would like to be included in them to help your business?

I would also really appreciate if you guys can join project beta waitlist to receive $50 in the credit account once the product goes live Here

If this post violates any rules I'd be willing to take actions accordingly. Thank you!


Re: Hello Magento Community! Greetings from Hanoi, Vietnam

Hi @Ecomfit,


Welcome to the community forums.
I guess the best way to start is to ask and try to help into the forums.
As you can imagine you'll find information on StackExchange too, and (of course) you can start diving into the not only for learning but to correct and improve the docs.
Another recomendation could be to be aware of Magento issues on Github:

Also, you should read this post: (in particular the guidelines)