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Hello Magento Community!

Hello Magento Community!

Hi everyone,


I am a Magento developer from Poland, I have almost 8 years experience in Magento 1.x, now I am moving bit by bit to Magento 2. So far I wasn't an active community member, I took more than I gave (actually I gave nothing), but it's high time to change it. I'd like to share my knowledge and learn from others equally. I think I started already and now all I need is to keep the regularity in visiting the forum and contributing to the discussions.


My dear Magento Community, thanks for being and let me be the real part of it Smiley Happy





Re: Hello Magento Community!

Hi @Benoit Xylo,



Thanks for your presentation. It's nice to have your collaboration in the Magento Forums.


If you need anything, just let me know!
Best regards.


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Re: Hello Magento Community!

Nice to meet you @Benoit Xylo!


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