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Hello Magento community! Greetings from Vietnam!


Hello Magento community! Greetings from Vietnam!

Hello everyone!


My name is Max Ta. I'm a co-founder and current CEO of SimiCart - Magento mobile solution. We are based in Vietnam, where I'm currently living in.


I fell in love with Magento 5 years ago, and still have a strong passion for it until today. Back in college, I have a group of friends who are all passionate in mobile development. So when I knew about Magento, I said "why don't we develop Magento on mobile?". 2 years after we graduated, we founded our first startup - SimiCart, which is a solution to develop native mobile shopping apps on iOS & Android.


During the last 5 years, I was staying dormant, joining only local Magento communities. Now when Magento has become so popular, I realize it's time to contribute to the development of Magento all over the world and join global Magento community.


I'm ready to share my knowledge and passion of Magento to the community!


Re: Hello Magento community! Greetings from Vietnam!

Hi @SimiCart Ltd,


Welcome to the community forums!

Since you're working with mobile applications you'll find Magento 2 API possibilities really interesting.

Also, I guess it will be a good idea to follow this forum: PWA, Theming, Layout & Design Questions

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