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Hello from Carrie at BCS Engineering!

Hello from Carrie at BCS Engineering!

Hi Everyone!  This is Carrie from BCS Engineering & we're exited to be a part of the Magento Community!   I'm a founding partner of BCSE & we've worked with Magento for about 5 years.  We have extensive experience in moving customers from other shopping carts to Magento. In fact, we got our start with Magento after a long-time customer switched to Magento from another shopping cart. They missed our services and asked that we obtain the knowledge to support Magento.  So, here we are 5 years later supporting Magento clients and servicing their various requests!


We are an office of 10+ people with a worldwide client base & our goal is to always provide a top-quality product with the best customer service available. We also offer high-quality eCommerce hosting for small to enterprise level sized businesses.


When I'm not working or enjoying time with my husband & sons, I enjoy playing the piano & reading.


We're pretty excited about a recent project where we implemented recurring orders for a client with great success and also some really cool product filtering for another client.


We're looking forward to contributing to this forum since our business model has always been based on helping people learn and feel confident with the ecommerce solution that they are using. 



Magento 1 Developer Plus Certified

Re: Hello from Carrie at BCS Engineering!



Welcome to the community forums! Great intro!


I'm pretty sure you know this but: the best way to start is to ask and try to help into the forums.

As you can imagine, you'll find information on StackExchange too and you can start diving into the (not only for learning but to correct and improve the docs)

Another recomendation could be to be aware of Magento issues on Github: (if you are technical, of course).

We're trying to keep the forum healthy so you should read this post: (in particular the guidelines)

Fianlly, you'll need to get your hands dirty with the platform.

Re: Hello from Carrie at BCS Engineering!

Hi @Damian Culotta


Thank you for the welcome!  We're very versed in Magento already and are looking forward to helping out on the forums where we can!  I appreciate the pointers to more information!



Magento 1 Developer Plus Certified