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Hello! just joined the forum

Hello! just joined the forum

Hello all!


I'm Shaun from Hong Kong and new to Magento. I want to learn more about managing a Magento website and would like to ask some questions in the forum. 


Thanks in advance!


Re: Hello! just joined the forum

Hi Shaun,


Welcome to the forums! It's a great place to ask questions, share experiences, and give feedback.


Other great resources include: and
, which has documentation on much of Magento's standard features and functionality.


In regards to these forums, here's some helpful info: and Of course, aside from reading posts, these forums are a great place to post your questions. There's a great open-source community represented by these forums, and you'll often get some really great feedback here. It sounds like you may already have some questions in mind, so don't hesitate to create some new posts here on the forums.