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Hello to the Magento Community

Hello to the Magento Community


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One of the two men she had been sucking laid down on the bench facing away from her and pushed his **bleep** into her dripping **bleep**. The other man laid down and worked himself close so that their dicks were pressed up against each other presenting another double-dicking opportunity for Miss Roxanne. She didn't hesitate as her **bleep** accepted the second **bleep** and she pushed herself down on them. As she had earlier, she road them quickly taking their whole shaft inside for several strokes before having another orasm. She shook and her eyes rolled back in her head as she orgsmed pushing fluids from the previous occupants down over the new cocks inside her. When she started **bleep**ing them again it was with renewed vigor as she seemed to be close to another orgsm. She was throwing her hair around and shaking her head as she **bleep**ed them. A dozen or so strokes later she screamed in orasm again this time losing her footing and impaling herself on the men who sat up to hold her. The orgsm was quick, and she passed out up against the man in front of her. They held her there for a couple minutes and then after conferring with each other, they stood holding her up and keeping her impaled on their cocks .

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She reached for her phone and rewound the video to part where she passed out and resumed her position behind Joey. She pulled him against her, and they watched the video together.

"I love this part, Joey. I can't tell you how crazy it felt to **bleep** so quickly on those cocks," she narrated. "I felt like such a **bleep** here and it turned me on so much. I kept looking at all the men with their cocks hanging out, watching me while they stroked. That's what pushed me over the edge right here."

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Re: Hello to the Magento Community

hii i am new here

my name is pardeep from united states

Re: Hello to the Magento Community

Hello, I'm also new here. I have been selling for a few years but only on a hosted platform with a drag-and-drop website builder feature. I am planning to switch to an open-source platform for more flexibility. Hope to learn more about Magento from everyone!