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My name is Robert Micallef, I am from Malta, Europe and work as Web Master for a computer shop. I have been looking to upgrade our website to include an online shop and better way to handle products and stocks.


I am new to magento, but it looks like a great system with a lot of potential. My main project right now is the migration from our current system to magento.


Right now I am looking to learn magento as best as I can, so if someone know a good tutorial or course for magento, I really appreciate it. I hope that in the future I can help someone else with this great system.


Re: Hello


you can subscribe free magento cource by magento U.

free Magento 2 on-demand courses thru March 31.

you can check following link for more details.



Jignesh Aakoliya

Re: Hello

Welcome @TechBertu! As @joy1212, if you're looking to learn Magento 2, I would definitely recommend our Magento U courses as they're currently free until March 31st:


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Re: Hello

thanks a lot I will give the course a look. Smiley Wink

Re: Hello

Welcome to the Magento Forums!

I hope you find the answers for the questions that you may have during the process of learning Magento 2.

As it was suggested on this topic by @sherrie and @joy1212, the Magento U courses are the best place for you to learn Magento 2.

Best regards.

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