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Hi - New Here & New to Magento


Hi - New Here & New to Magento



I'm about to dip my toe in the Magento pool to help someone I freelance for (content not development) migrate a legacy ecommerce system to Magento.


In my full-time development life, I support customer facing systems as an Oracle developer but I've spent time working on everything from Mainframe COBOL/CICS systems to Unix shell scripts. .Net is my next thing to learn there.


I've read through the rules & I see that I can't recruit for Magento developers here - can anyone point me to a spot where I can? I think I'll be spending a lot of time here learning the ropes, so I don't want to get banned on my first post.


The site owner has been burned by agencies who promise the world & deliver very little, so he's adamant that he is going to hire his own dedicated developers rather than go with a consultant - but it's hard to find good people, especially when you don't know enough to ask the right questions.


Thanks for your help!




Re: Hi - New Here & New to Magento


Welcome to the community forums.

This community forums is a very good platform to ask the questions and try to help others.

You can also find related information on StackExchange and you can start diving into the

You can get idea about already reported/existing issue from Github:

you can find magento developers from magento partner portal directory .. here i am sharing link for thr same -[]=8&level[]=3&partner_type=1
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Re: Hi - New Here & New to Magento

Hi @sherry_williams,


Here you'll find different levels of options:



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Re: Hi - New Here & New to Magento

Thank you for the suggestions.

Re: Hi - New Here & New to Magento



Strangely enough, I cannot start a new thread to introduce myself. Can someone please explain how to get started (I have read how to get started thread but there is nowhere mention on how to start your thread).

Re: Hi - New Here & New to Magento

Hi @himanshu_bhatnagar


okay - i understand your problem !


If you would like to start a new thread - you can easily start - like if you have magento 2 technical issue - just scroll down the forums landing page.


over there you will find Magento 2.X technical issues - click on that then you will see list of all the technical issues over there !!


after that on the top right side - you will see one button called create topic - click on it and then when new page opens - you need add title of your issue in subject and then you need to explain exact issue in body - so write exact problem in body area.


then click on post - if you found any red error over there then - issue might be related to html so write first those text in notepad/tex-editor and then post it for the same.


let me know if you sill not able to post issue - i can help you out on the same


Hope it helps !!

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