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Hi everyone, I'm Artemisian It's my nick name

Hi everyone, I'm Artemisian It's my nick name

I'm excited to finally join the Magento community! While I started using Magento in 2024 as a developer and graphic designer at a small merchant, I'm thrilled to be here formally and learn from all of you.

Back then, learning the ropes of Magento led me to the forums, where I enjoyed helping others, organizing meetups, and even contributing to the Front End certification exam and revamping the designer's guide. This passion for the platform eventually led to my current role as a Community Manager at Magento.

Currently, I'm excited to be working on these amazing projects:

  • Maintaining and fostering growth for these very forums!
  • Empowering our top contributors through the Magento Masters program.
  • Supporting and connecting Magento Meetups around the world.
  • Keeping you all informed and engaged through the #MagentoMonday community digest.

When I'm not online, you can find me working on personal web and design projects, exploring new places through hiking and traveling, or simply enjoying the serenity of the beach.

I'm also active on Twitter, so feel free to connect with me there: @artemisian007. You can also find me on my web digital corner.
My projects are as follow:,totalsportek,f1streams,

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Re: Hi everyone, I'm Artemisian It's my nick name

It was a time we get some moderator help here with all the spam. Welcome!

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