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Hi from Slovakia

Hi from Slovakia

Hi everyone,


I've been a part of this Magento family since 2011 even though, I'm active on this forum just now. I know a long time. 


My name is Peter. I originally come from Slovakia. I've worked on several Magento projects. Firstly as a freelancer hired for a digital agency. Now, we have our own Magento shops for a few years already where we sell print-on-demand apparel. Mostly T-shirts.


It was quite a coincidence that I got into Magento development. Originally, I was hired to do work on OXID eSales, but a month after I had been hired, the client stopped his work and my boss told me to find another system I wanted to work on. I had heard of Magento before, so I started diving deeper in it and ever since then I've always had some project in it.


In my free time, I like doing sports, travelling, especially on places where I can surf, I drink a lot of coffee, and learn how to create online content. 


Happy to connect with this community and looking forward to developing some connections.


Re: Hi from Slovakia

Hi, Welcome Here!