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Magento 2 webstore not showing up in google searches.

Magento 2 webstore not showing up in google searches.

This issue does not regard any specific product/products.
We are advertising our magento 2 webstore via google ads. Everything in google ads is set up correctly, we have had meetings with google representatives and our partners which take care of our marketing strategies. They are also saying that this problem is caused by magento 2, but can't point out what exactly. So.. I can confidently say that this problem is not up to google.


The exact problem is that our webstore won't show up in google searches even if you input straight keywords set up in google ads. Well, the ads do pop up in google searches, but usually on second page, and no one goes there, right?


Searches like "fiatagri varaosat" (fiatagri spare parts) or "case-ih varaosat" (case-ih spare parts) should result in our webstore popping up as an ad. Our competitors websites do show up but not ours. We changed from magento 1 to magento 2 early this year and this problem has existed since the upgrade to M2.


What setting are we missing and what should we double check? Please try to respond quickly, my boss is putting big money on advertising, but that money is going straight to the trash since it does not currently get us any new customers.


Re: Magento 2 webstore not showing up in google searches.

If site does not show up on google search at all, it could be magento is set to no-indexing


But if it shows on 2nd page just not 1st page, then it is probably not setting related.

Maybe urls were not remapped properly when migrating the site and caused you lost your searching ranks, or the new site is not optimized properly so you have a lower page speed score, or the site is not well search optimized, it can be many reasons.


Send me a PM if you need a site audit