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Magento 246 latest version

Magento 246 latest version

In the latest magento 246 we cannot disable two factor authentication through command 
and when i tried to remove it from core file(config.php) i made it 0 instead of 1 and then run all the commands again and it worked it disbled ang the admin page was opened 

But question arises here is that if they are not letting us to disable two factor authentication the why did they let us to do it from the core file ( means when we try to diable from code then if there is a restriction on this then on upgrade command it should be 1 again ) ..

is this bug or what ??



Re: Magento 246 latest version

If you’re looking to disable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in Magento, you should know a few things. While it’s generally not recommended to disable 2FA, there are some scenarios where you may want to do so, such as when you are in staging Read more